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Clinical environments are inundated with critical policies and procedures requiring continual and time-pressing updates. Traditional paper filing methods can hurt productivity, drive up cost and the likelihood of error.

But the VadyasHealth Enterprise Policy Management System was designed specifically to meet the needs of healthcare organizations, enhancing efficiency, accuracy and document control. Intuitive and easy to master, this web-based solution expedites policy review, approval and dissemination organization-wide. Automated email reminders guarantee all employees are notified of changes, with real-time reports to help managers track who has and has not read policy updates. With the Vadyas Enterprise Management System, processes that once took weeks can potentially be finalized in just a few hours.

Gain one single electronic data repository and a clear audit trail showing earlier versions, changes made and the exact employee accountable for each modification. Policy managers, physicians and nursing staff can now locate important documents in just a few clicks from the convenience of their desktop, without ever having to flip through substantial binders or filing cabinets. Enjoy exceptional flexibility, with the ability to edit and save changes over time from any web-enabled computer.

The VadyasHealth Enterprise Policy Management System makes conversion easy using its seamless import feature for all of your existing documentation. Because its user interface mimics that of standard industry software applications, your entire organization can get up-and-running in no time.

Unify and streamline your end-to-end policy management system. Call (724) 315 7733 to learn more or to schedule an on-site demo, today.