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Healthcare organizations are pressed more than ever to protect patient information while also managing the rising cost of care. VadyasHealth puts hospitals back in control, with a fast and efficient HIPAA Audit Portal that meets federal requirements.

This sophisticated web-based software platform helps hospital compliance officers and legal departments better manage mounting regulatory pressures. Our solution gives you the ability to monitor access both in real-time and historically, hindering unauthorized access and accelerating response should sensitive information be compromised.

Search for and identify all parties accessing specific patient data including physicians, nurses or the patients themselves. Know when that data was accessed down to the date and time. The HIPAA Audit Trail also helps you concentrate on specific users, with a complete log of patient files accessed within any given time frame by login ID. Generate and print chronological activity reports on-the-fly detailing the login ID, time and date stamp, data accessed and action taken, such as read-only, add, modify or delete.

Research and reporting activities that were previously impossible to accomplish manually can now be completed in just a few seconds. So you can rapidly identify and investigate security breaches, establish operational procedure or policy compliance and build event sequencing.

Determine the who, what, when and why. Call (724) 315 7733 to learn more about the VadyasHealth HIPAA Audit Portal or to schedule an on-site demo, today.