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VadyasHealth Document & Records Management is an automated document capture, management, and delivery system that enhances existing EMR systems to include content originally created on paper or output to hardcopy—handwritten notes, prescriptions, faxed test results, emailed referrals, and data such as EKG strips. Making these documents automatically available within the EMR system gives medical staff a comprehensive picture of the patient’s interactions with the healthcare organization across multiple departments and locations. It also enables the organization to largely eliminate paper records, reducing the complexity and management costs associated with the physical storage requirements.

Eliminating hardcopy also reduces the risk of violating security and access controls. In addition, with Vadyas Document & Records Management, healthcare providers can consolidate and manage diagnostic images such as computed radiography, digital radiography, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound, and computed tomography, thus providing a complete and longitudinal patient record.

Benefits of VadyasHealth Document & Records Management

  • Captures, processes, distributes, secures, manages, and archives clinical and non-clinical content;
  • Streamlines patient record access, reduces processing errors, and enables HIPAA compliance throughout the lifecycle of the patient record; and
  • Provides a comprehensive view across multiple departments and locations to ensure billing accuracy, cut collection cycles, and reduce errors in the billing process for account receivables.