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Real-time Physician Portal integration, enhanced data consistency and automated risk identification are just a few of the benefits health care organizations gain when they add the Vadyas Nursing Portal to their existing workflow.

The VadyasHealth Nursing Portal is a critical component to modern patient care, offering single dashboard simplicity to support all nursing activities from patient look-up to notes and clinical documentation. The Nursing Portal delivers the robust features and flexibility healthcare professionals need to safeguard patient safety, ensure optimal accuracy and expedite processes.

Unlike handwritten charts, the secure web-based Nursing Portal provides unprecedented transparency with pop-up alerts, single click graph and report generation, step-by-step order entry and physical assessment along with high-level and drill-down patient data accessibility. So critical fields are never missed, trends are quickly identified and mistakes are easily averted.

Extremely flexible, the Nursing Portal meets the needs of today�s growing health care organizations. Enjoy built-in e-form template creation capabilities, helping clinical analysts modify and add forms to suit their specific needs. By completing this customary task in-house, you save thousands of dollars in software development over the long-run.

The Nursing Portal can provide a powerful ROI while helping hospitals meet criteria for ARRA funding. Discover one of the most flexible and cost-effective clinical documentation systems on the market. Call (724) 315 7733 to learn more or to schedule an on-site demo, today.