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Spend more time caring for patients and less searching for data and communicating with staff. The VadyasHealth Physician Portal streamlines and simplifies everyday administrative tasks for physicians, nurses and office administrators, thus reducing medical errors, ensuring total regulatory compliance and enhancing satisfaction.

Get back to patient care basics. VadyasHealth provides fast access to the real-time data you need on one unified console. Study, read and review patient and medication records, clinical results, diagnosis and demographics, vitals and I&O. Selected time-and-time again by leading healthcare facilities, the Vadyas Physician Portal delivers a considerable cost advantage while providing robust functionality and scalability for future growth.

Easy to understand and use, the Physician Portal was designed using intuitive navigation to fit easily into any office or hospital workflow. Generate graphs to identify trends, access up-to-date drug and interaction data, and view test results immediately on your desktop. Access data from any location, whether on-site or on-call. Permanently secure your patient's data in a way paper never could.

Offering an outstanding return on your investment, the VadyasHealth Physician Portal can help your medical office or hospital save valuable time, decrease cost, reduce waste and staff demands. Call (724) 315 7733 to schedule an on-site demo and see the Physician Portal in action, today.